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Get down with some punx!


Don’t Give Up The Ship! FEST

We have a new show to announce! More AM Than FM will be playing the Don’t Give Up The Ship! FEST in Pittsburgh, PA! We’re so excited for a nice spring road trip =)

Bow-chika-Open Mic!

Me all day today…


Hit up IOTA in Arlington last night for their Open Mic. Amazing sound, super talented peeps. Michael Mattice was particularly awesome! Check him out.

In other news, after a day of hunting and thrifting I made out like a bandit with some awesome finds! This “book” (it’s actually a box, shhh) is soooo becoming a cigar box soon. 

Didn’t find what I was actually looking for, but this alone was worth the trip. =)

- Selena

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BRC Fever.

What do we have in common with Billy Ray Cyrus?

Aside from feeling like this at every practice…

You shall see…

…and no, it’s not mullets.


Marvin, the badass guitar amp is back in action! Thanks to Island Music Company in La Plata, MD.


Check this out! is a great site to find out and connect with awesome local musicians in the DC metro area.

We frequent the Phase 1 Open Mic hosted by the amazing Nikki Smith, creator of LadiesRockThis & frontwoman of Freeform Radio. It’s every 3rd Sunday of the month so drop on in and check out the local talent =)

BOOM. Website…manifested.